Gift Ideas: Weleda Arnica Oil

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weledaarnicaFor those with stiff and sore muscles, Weleda’s Arnica Massage Oil makes a nice gift.

It’s a great after-bath or after-shower complement to aching muscles, and the arnica in this blend of olive and sunflower seed oil will warm you up too.  I rarely use it on clients, because the ingredients contain “fragrance”, and it doesn’t have the right viscosity for the work I do. But I use it on myself when I’m sore and aching.

Of course, I want to emphasize that it’s no substitute for deep tissue massage, but it’s a good intermediary treatment and can help to improve one’s quality of life. (I receive deep tissue massage on a regular basis, and I still employ a variety of simple and inexpensive home remedies–heat, ice, epsom salts and arnica–practically every day)

A 3.4 oz bottle of Weleda Arnica Massage Oil runs you about $20.oo or so and can be found in any health food store.   There are lots of alternatives to this brand too, such as Therapro’s version, or anything you find that you like.  For a gift though? Call me a sucker, but I just like the Weleda packaging best.

Note: Be sure to read all ingredients in cosmetic products, especially if you or people you know are sensitive to fragrance.  I noticed both Weleda’s and Therapro’s oils have “naturally derived fragrances”, which are better than chemically derived ones, but could still pose a reaction.