“Because she knows anatomy well, Narangkar Glover’s massages are effective for pain and stress reduction and injury rehabilitation. In addition, her massages feel fabulous–well worth your time and the price!”

— Elizabeth Martinez, CMT


“Narangkar has been working with me for several years and she is amazingly skilled at working out muscle tension and stress. I used to get stress-related migraines on a regular basis and they have virtually disappeared. If I do feel one coming on, a session with Narangkar is enough to make it dissipate completely. I’ve worked with a number of massage therapists over the years and Narangkar is by far the best!”

–C.F, Berkeley


“Narangkar is great. As a massage therapist she and I have traded massages on and off over the years. She is on my list of referrals when I cannot see a client and need to refer them to someone else. Narangkar has an excellent understanding of the anatomy and how we hold tension in various parts of the body. Her touch is firm, knowing yet compassionate and comforting. I highly recommend Narangkar whether you have chronic pain syndrome, acute injury or just need a great relaxing massage.”

— June Kamerling, Massage therapist, Pilates Trainer, owner “El Cerrito Fitness; Pilates and Personal Training


“I’ve been seeing Narangkar Glover for years now, and my back and shoulders in particular are very grateful for her! She’s excellent at working out the kinks that develop from the day-to-day abuse I heap on my body, but if an odd new issue crops up, she’s always able to deal with that, too. For example, I recently started having some knee pain, and not only did she quickly figure out what was causing it and provided relief, she showed me some simple stretches to keep the pain from coming back. I highly recommend her for anybody who has deep-tissue pain or just plain needs to get some knots worked out.”

–P.B., Oakland


“I have been seeing Narangkar bi-weekly for years. Narangkar is a terrific therapist, highly skilled and very knowledgeable about anatomy. She focuses on points that are troublesome but she is also attentive to the rest of the body at each session. I feel that my sessions with Narangkar are essential to maintaining a healthy body even during those times when I do not have aches and pain. Aside from her abilities, Narangkar is a very nice and caring person, and reliable – I enjoy our sessions.”

–K.W., Oakland


“Narangkar is a truly amazing massage therapist. Her knowledge of anatomy and trigger points is incredible. I get a lot of bodywork and I happen to be extremely picky. Now, she is the only person I go to. She releases my knotted up tension-holding muscles without fail every time. There is such a variance of therapists when you are getting worked on. She is one of those people who truly understands the musculoskeletal system inside out and also has amazing intuitive ability as a healer. I highly recommend her.”

–Siri Cheng, M.D.


“I got my first massages from Narangkar at a facility in the east bay- and one day I called and she wasn’t there anymore! I was heartstricken until I happened to come across her massage practice. Narangkar has knowing hands – she always finds the pressure points that are causing me pain and gets them to release. She is incredibly strong and can go very deep, but can adjust the pressure according to your needs. No matter what state I’m in when I get onto the table I get off feeling like I had a wonderful nap. I have a lot of problems with my jaw, neck and shoulders, and she can zero in on the problem and focus where you need her to focus.”

–S.G., Albany